Fluid Buildup


After an intense girth workout, i.e.e various jelqs, squeezes etc. does anyone get fluid buildup around the meatus? It seems to show a good workout in my case and is lessened by a good warm up, but does anyone else get it?

It goes away overnight usually.

Is it unhealthy do you think?


This is a VERY common sign. It is definately not harmful in the slightest. Warming up will lesson it, it will also lesson after several weeks/months of vigorous Penis Enlargement. Nothing to worry about. However, don't confuse fluid buildup with girth gains. While fluid buildup usually accompanies real girth enlargement of the erectile tissue, it is not actual girth growth.


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I too got the Fluid thing, about a year back, after it I went huge in girth.
I am now 7.4' in girth.

It is not a bad or worrying thing as long as ya feel no bad pains you'll be fine


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I'm getting this too but it goes away overnight. I didn't think it was anything to worry about but it's nice to have that confirmed.

Here's hoping the girth increases follow. :)


Thanks for the responses guys.

Gandolf, I know it's not girth gains! ;)

I hope to get more though.

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