Florida voter purge lists still chock full o' errors


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Jun 3, 2003
Florida voter purge lists still chock full o' errors
Tampa Tribune |
"State elections officials promised Friday that a potentially error-ridden list of 47,763 suspected felons ineligible to vote will be thoroughly investigated before anyone is booted from the rolls. The job of verifying the list's accuracy is left to each county, many of which have yet to get started [!!!] even though key election-related deadlines are fast approaching. Some counties are thinking about hiring consultants to guide them through the controversial process. Others are trying to comb through the spreadsheets on their own. Spot checks by Tampa Tribune reporters Friday showed dozens of apparent errors in the Bay area... Enough questions over the reliability of the suspected felon list already exist. Those questions were compounded Friday by a Miami Herald analysis suggesting the list errantly includes more than 2,100 eligible voters. Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood, who oversees the state Division of Elections, disputes the newspaper's conclusion, saying it 'contained factually incorrect information.' ... The Herald, however, stood by its conclusions Friday."