Florida purge list furnished by known fuckwits


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Jun 3, 2003
Florida purge list furnished by known fuckwits
Miami Herald |
"A week before they directed local election chiefs to begin purging ineligible voters from the list of 48,000 convicted felons, state officials documented two years of failures and breakdowns with the $2.7 million contract with database vendor Accenture. A May 2 internal memo, ordered personally by Secretary of State Glenda Hood, details half a dozen missed deadlines and broken promises, failed software programs, repeated miscues and personnel problems. Two months after the memo, with newspapers including The Miami Herald detailing major flaws with the felon database that could have disenfranchised thousands, the state reversed course and told election chiefs not to use the felon list... 'This memo is striking,' said Howard Simon, Florida director of the American Civil Liberties Union. 'After two years of constant failures and fixes... they rushed this out the door.'"