Flasher Fesses Up


Jun 3, 2003
A Bay City man who allegedly exposed his privates to customers at Center Avenue businesses at least 16 times said he was just trying to meet women.

Joshua F. Baldwin, 24, will have 180 days to think up a new method for meeting the ladies - time he was ordered to serve in the Bay County Jail after pleading guilty to three counts of indecent exposure by a sexually delinquent person.

"I was only hoping to get lucky, but I went about it the wrong way," Baldwin admitted in a statement given to Michigan State Police Trooper Bradley Cox.

Cox was picking up laundry from Community Laundry Service, 2608 Center Ave., in March 2003 when he heard an employee there calling 911 to report a flasher outside the business.

Cox got a description of the man, then ran down the Railtrail, which runs nearby, looking for him, according to his report. The off-duty trooper caught Baldwin and got a good look at him, but Baldwin then broke loose and fled.

There had been 16 other reports, from October 2001 and continuing through 2003, of a man exposing himself in the area of the laundry, Family Video and Little Caesar's Pizza all on Center Avenue. Each time, the man escaped by running down the Railtrail.

Cox obtained Baldwin's name from a witness who'd recognized him during an earlier incident. He pulled up Baldwin's picture and address from the Michigan Secretary of State driving records, then went to Baldwin's home - in the 500 block of Princeton Street - and left a card, asking for him to call.

Baldwin came in for an interview in April 2003, and at first denied being the flasher or the man that Cox tackled on the Railtrial. Cox suggested to Baldwin that he may need counseling, and Baldwin eventually admitted he was the man who'd been exposing himself.

Baldwin said he "never thought it would bother anyone," and in fact thought the girls and women enjoyed the sight.

Baldwin was charged with three counts of indecent exposure, which is normally a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail. But prosecutors charged Baldwin as a "sexually delinquent person," which could have resulted in a sentence of up to life in prison upon conviction.

A sexually delinquent person is one whose "repetitive and compulsive acts" are menacing and represent a possible danger to the public.

Baldwin was also charged with resisting and obstructing police for his scuffle with Cox on the Railtrail.

In exchange for dismissal of the resisting charge, Baldwin pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent exposure by a sexual delinquent.

Bay County Circuit Judge Kenneth W. ScHydromaxidt sentenced Baldwin on April 12 to 180 days in jail, with credit for two days served. He also ordered Baldwin to pay $1,040 in fines and costs and to undergo sex offender counseling. ScHydromaxidt placed Baldwin on probation for five years.


Jan 6, 2004
Anyone else seen someone do something like this? I remember I was driving downtown a couple years back and on the walk overpass over the freeway, some masked man dropped trow and started jerking off on the cars below. LOL
Sep 29, 2003
Strange way to get your kicks, and potentially lethal for those below. Seeing a naked man jacking off above me could well shock me enough to have an accident. The freeway is a high speed main artery-type road yeah?
(spot the brit)
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