Flaccid stretch and erect length

lets say I have a bpfs of 7.25 and an el of 6.75 will these increase at the same rate or will the erect catch up with the flaccid stretch before the flaccid stretch starts to increase again? I'm asking becuase I think my el is increasing but my flaccid stretch isn't. Any thoughts?
Yes,no, maybe,lol
sorry for the smart ass answer but everone's dna is different and everyone grows differently. I think they will grow simerly but depending on your routine they my grow quite differently.


I've seen about 1/4" EL gain and no FSL gain in the past 2 months or so. Some people gain FSL and then EL, so I think it just varies, like LT said.



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I have 2 theories.
1. This applies to you. Maybe your erect gained, but your FSL did not because you were growing into it
2. Maybe flaccid stretch will grow before erect and then erect will grow into it ( and you were at this process of the stage.

And possibly none of what I wrote was correct. But if your erect is growing, thats all I would worry about.
I think that might be whats happening with me. Thanks a ton! I was getting a little discouraged because I measure my flaccid stretch from time to time and I haven't gained in about a month or so, but I do think erect length has. Very good point though rofl .


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I dont know about you, but I'm not gonna be fuckin anyone with my stretched flaccid. I wouldnt worry about it since you made rect gains. I think you will gain some more flaccid soon and then some more rect will follow. Just keep at it.

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