Flaccid Size Erect Size... No Connection?


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Jun 18, 2003
This thought just came to me... I'm sure someone else has probably thought of this already.

You all know that some people are showers and some are growers. Some dudes have a huge flaccid that only grows a little when it gets erect, some guys have an average hang, but grow to above average when erect. Right?

When you undertake a Penis Enlargement program, some people experience flaccid gains first, then erect gains. Or, sometimes they just experience flaccid gains and their erect gains remain unchanged.

And I'm sure that we'd all agree that certain exercises are good for increasing flaccid size, yet do little for erect size.

I think that one must come before the other. Usually you will notice flaccid gains before erect ones.

I guess what I'm asking is if there are certain movements that ONLY produce erect gains or ONLY flaccid ones. If the two can be seperated, then you can tailor your routine to suit your needs.

I'm sure everyone would say, "Fuck that, I want both!" And you're right... I was just wondering if there is a point where the results become specific and seperate.

Like is it possible to only increase your flaccid size without affecting erect size? Or have a bigger hard on while your flaccid size remains unchanged?

This is most likely a useless debate, but hey, what the fuck?


Sep 29, 2003
Personally, I believe that they really have no connection with one another, except to the extreme (when you work past the plasticity stage).

The penis is really a very elastic/stretchable organ, so you can see how excercises themselves can temporarely cause expansion of the blood vessels/capilaries and therefore cause more blood to freely flow through you penis and and therefore cause it to fluctuate in size up or down by the blood blood-flow, accodingly.

If you've read my post about the elastic/plastic theory, then you'll find that more blood-flow doesn't necasarilly mean increased erection size. You can condition your penis to hold more blood in the flacid state via exercises temporaraly expanding the blood vessals/capalaries, but if you don't achieve stress beyond the plasticity stage, then it's most likely you won't gain permanent erect length .