Flaccid length vs Erect length


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I have had quite a few questions on this particular manner. I am a good example of it so I will go over it. My starting size was about 3-4inches and my erect was about 5.5 erect lengths. I have figured out through asking other people what their gains have been and my own that, on a average you gain 1” of flaccid for every ½ erect. Kida weird you would think but not really. Your flaccid length comes from a lot of different factors, as does your erect length . FL depends on blood flow, excess skin and stretched ligaments. Gaining flaccid length is earlier for me that gaining erect. Point. My flaccid hang is about 5-6 inches on a normal day. My erect length is about 7.5, so when I was 3 inches flaccid to 6 inches flaccid, my erect gained about ½ erect per flaccid gain of 1”. It’s a weird concept I am trying to explain the best I can. If you have any questions feel free. I hope I am not to confusing.

DLD if you have any experince with this please let us know.

lets say u have 6 in flacid, and 7.5 erect. u gain 1" flacid per 1/2 erect..

lol.. so when u have 7" flacid ull have 8 erect,

then 8" flacid then 8.5 erect


what when u have 9" flacid.. and 9"erect.. then :dropjaw:

10"flacid and 9.5 erect? ahhhhh-=P jk..


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I dont know man. I just am telling you of what I have experienced. I dont know a lot of things, I just think of things to try out and do, go from one thing to the next and when it works, it works, dont really know how. Just Penis Enlargement. rofl


What about when you get to 8 inches flacid and your 8.5 inches erect. If you just keep it at 8 inches flacid stretch dont you think your body will catch up to normal at 8 inches flacid and you will probably be over 9 erect?


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Yea most likely, Like I said this is not a exact science. DLD is 9 X 6 flaccid and about 11.5 X 7 erect so who knows?

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