Well, it's been almost a year of sporadic NPenis Enlargement for me. Due to various family/medical crisis, I have done little work for the past 3 months. I have been wearing the velcro strap for 8 - 10 hours daily, most of that time, and more recently the Ring Of Power. I've done some stretches when flacid and some Uli-type work when erect, but very inconsistently and especially for the past few months. Last year, when I first started I could barely hit 6" NBP. I gained 1/2" within a couple of months, and seemed stuck there which didn't surprise me as I didn't think I was doing enough.

I thought I'd hit about 6 3/4" NBP a couple months ago, but haven't measured in some time. I used a homemade pump a few times, and could get to a bit over 7.5" in the tube. Haven't used it for a while now either. A couple weeks ago I began doing a little work, stretching and ulis mostly, and experienced a bit of erection difficulty. I'm 43, and had already had the same problem before when Penis Enlargement'ng. After reading lots of posts about rest days etc., I'd decided to break for a week and then start doing 1on/2off and do a really intense session then use an ADS the off days. Thought about doing 1on/1off and alternating girth & stretching the "on" days: Girth, off, Stretch , off, etc. But I'm thinking that there's little difference in the two tissuewise, not like body muscles where you can work one set of muscles one day and another set the next day. The same tissue cells you stretch out flacid are the same ones you fill with blood and pressure while erect. Especially after seen Redzulu's success with intense workouts followed by 2-3 days rest. This makes the most sense to me.

Well, last night I did just a little stretching & jelquing. My erections were better after a week off, and I decided to measure. With a full hard erection, holding the ruler on top and straightening my upward curve against the ruler, I was barely touching 7". I did it twice to make sure. I had to be fully hard, but it's definitely there. Can't tell you how much "Deja Vu" I felt, as I'd measured the same way last year and could barely hit 6". I'd had a goal of 1" in the first year but thought I wasn't gonna make it. I'm really stoked about this, I can't say what worked or not but I feel that the velcro wrap does help the penis heal in an expanded state. I think the ROP is helping too, but haven't used it enough to say. My plan now is to do as intense a workout(s) as possible on workout days, whether stretching , girth work, pumping , hanging . Then break for 2 days and wear the velcro wrap , or an ADS. I think the ADS will be more effective, I'm experimenting with a design now.

Congratulations on your gains. :bottumsup

That's great news.
Great......now be consistent...its works so DO IT


good stuff i am hoping to gain 1.5" this year ill try my hardest i will get there good luck no i shouldnt be saying good luck because it isnt luck its effort

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