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Oct 11, 2003
hi ive been registered for a few weeks but this is my 1st post.

i want to know what people think of this as a beginners workout for Penis Enlargement.

5 Minute Warm Up

10 Minutes Working Out The PC Muscles

Streches (when i do this i strech down for 30 seconds release slap it about a bit to get the blood flowing again, do the same by streching it up then left, right, and the i rotate it 30 times)

20 minute Jelq

Streches (the same as above)

then a warm down.

My penis is only about 2 inches flacid and just over 4 inches erect, and its about 5 inches in girth, i have a foreskin which i have trouble with pulling back when doing the streches, and when i do the jelqing it swells up but goes down after about half an hour.

for the warm up i use the hottest possible water i can take, and i have a shower for the warm down.

Jelqing i use baby oil gel which is much better than normal baby oil.

i do this routine before i go to bed, i don't masturbate for atleast 5 hours before or after.

my aim is 6 inches maybe 7 (and i know this is going to be very hard to do if it is actually possible, but i need gains, and i hopefully am willing to do it)

what do u think and could you give me any tips?


Jun 29, 2003
Welcome Mini_Me, have you looked at DLD's Newbie Routine. If not Click Here. l did not see you say anything about doing Kegals or how many days a week that you exercise. Your goal 0f 7" is very attainable. Good luck in your Penis Enlargement adventure.
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Sep 12, 2003
Welcome Mini_Me as mowinman says your goals should be achievable if you are willing to put in the work, even on the days when you feel tired or just not in the mood, do some form of excersises its the only way to keep going IMHO, also probably like myself and many others the first change you will notice is your flacid state will change (for the better ) and that has really motivated myself into keeping thye ex's up.

Good luck on the road to a bigger dick.


Oct 3, 2003

That first post is the first step. Keep at it and you can reach your goals! You've come to the best place for Penis Enlargement! Everyone here is down to earth, not judgemental, and totally friendly.

Again, welcome.
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