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inge de silva

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Aug 30, 2003
Hello to all on the MoS forums!

I am a long time lurker, and have decided to become an active part of the message boards by actually posting!

I'll cut straight to it, I have been Penis Enlargementing active for roughly 3 1/2 weeks now (I had dabbled in it well beforehand, it is only now I'm starting to make a habit of it.) - My routine consists of 45 min twice a day focusing mainly on girth (Ulis, Jelqs , Squeezes). I have gotten some slight gains in girth and length going from 6.8" x 4.75" to 7.1" x 5.0" I am also uncut - this is where my problem arises.

In my foreskin there is a small (less than 1cm), painless lump - this has been there since birth and does not worry me. However, when I retract the foreskin, it is possible to see that the skin surrounding my penis parralell to the lump is considerably tighter (It actually looks very similar to scar tissue, will post some photos soon), and constricts the shaft. This makes keeping the penis in a retracted state painful, and I am unable to retract the full length of the shaft when erect. It also causes the excess foreskin to "bundle up" behind the coronal ridge. While this does not affect me greatly, I was receiving a handjob from my girlfriend the other day, and I had to make her stop because of the pain.

Is it at all possible to fix this without surgery, as I don't fancy a circumsision.

If not, is it possible to get a partial circumsision, to get the problem area cut out? I have excess forskin, so losing 2 or 3 mm would be no problem. LOL

Are there any MoS posters that have experienced this? Thoughts, comments, queries?



Nov 4, 2003
well I have done 2 circumsisions, First because I didn't like my tight foreskin and second because the first circumsision looked crappy. the first one was some kind of special thing to open up but it didn't look all that nice ;) Partial circumsision might work for you? And the pain after the operation is bearable, it isn't that much of a deal. At least I didn't think so, I can't speak for everyone :)


Jun 29, 2003
Check with a urologist. There might be an alternative to surgery.
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