First post, hello all...


Oct 3, 2003
Hey everyone.

Found my way over here from a website that linked Penis, then bounced over here.

A little background on myself:

I have ALWAYS been very self conscious about my size. I was also a VERY late bloomer, I didn't really hit puberty till about 17, and I'm still actually finishing up now at 22.

I've been in mostly long-term relationships, and now currently single (as of about 2 months ago). So I'm thinking this would be a great thing for me to do in the time between girlfriends, or whatever.

I've been browsing the forums, these and the others at Penis for about 3 weeks now. And took it upon myself to try some very tame streching.

When I first measured about 3 weeks ago, it was at about 5.65x5.5. I have decent girth, and it's always made my penis look very short, even though its about average size.

So anyways, this is something I'm doing for myself. My "IDEAL" goal and size would be about 7x5.5. So I'm basically looking for length gains.

The bad news: I have trouble devoting time. Right now, My routine is about 10 min, tops, a day. I get out of the shower , and do some simple streching for few mins. Then, later on in the evening or afternoon when I have to take a piss, i stop for a bit and chill out and do some more streching. However...Even in the 3 weeks of just simple streching, I have yet to measure, but I've noticed that flaccid I'm fatter and longer. And my erections do look alittle bigger, but it may be my head messing with me.

Anyways, I cannot believe the gains you guys have been getting. My 1.35" gain seems pretty modest, and VERY achievable. I plan on only measuring once a month.

It's good to see that there is a resource and place like this on the net, where we can focus on improving ourselves without judgement.

So, uh, yea... Hey.

The Artist

Oct 10, 2003
Welcome to MOS! problem:cool: As for your routine time, there are some speed routines here....somewhere. Your mind prolly isn't playing tricks on ya....your dick is just getting bigger! :eek: Welcome friend!


Jun 3, 2003
Hey my friend, and another big welcome to ya. Hit the search button and find the newbie routine. Excellent foundation for serious growth. BTW you sound like me with the doubts. I was in denial untill i was in my second inch of gains.
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