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Sep 10, 2004
Hello all, Linezilla here! I've been following Penis Enlargement as a spectator for the longest time now, and have finally mustered up the courage to try my hand (errrr, hands) at it! I must say this forum and it's community has got to be one of the greatest I've seen around. Especially when taking into consideration the "sensitive" subject matter, the level of maturity is second to none. I hope to make great gains and know I have got to put in a lot of time into this project to reach my goals. I had made attempts in the past, but would find myself frustrated with making little to no gains whatsoever. My starting stats are nothing to brag about but here it goes:

4" 12/16 in
5" 4/16 in
4" 3/16 in
NBPenis EnlargementL:
5" 13/16
BPenis EnlargementL:
6" 5/16 in
4" 5/16 in

Prior to this post I have made some gains in a little under a months time, but for records sake I'll mark these as my pre-pe stats.

My immediate goal is to attain 7" by 5", and then continue on from there but I have some concerns with what routine I should follow. I will be using DLD's Newbie routine but fear that I might need to pay special attention to girth exercises, seeing as how my starting girth stats are so low. Would it be wise to do some HorseSqueezes after my jelq sessions? Or should I hold off until 3 months time, like recommended. I have already done DLD's newbie routine for 2 weeks, so I am up to 600 Jelqs (or 25 minutes of full intensity) I just want to know that I am doing everything that I can to make those gains. I'm pretty confident that length will be easier to attain.

Anyway, just wanted to let my presence be known and give a shout out to this great community.Glad to be here!


Hey LineZilla! Good to have you hear at MOS. DLD's n00b routine is a great place to start good luck!


Mar 17, 2004
I would just do the newbie routine without anything added to it except maybe a little more jelqing for girth and in a few months once your more into Penis Enlargement thats when you should start doing more advanced girth excersizes


Jul 19, 2004
if lenght is your goal that jelqs and stretches are going to be yuor best friend

the more time you put into these the more gains you will see

read all of the stretching exercises there is a great selection

i just started pe about a month ago and I can say for sure that stretches do work

good luck
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