First Gain!


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I measured about 2 weeks ago and i was just under 6, Today i woke up with a nice hard one so i thought i'd measure. 6.25! YAY!
I remeasure like 20 times lol, yup still the same.

I've been doing phase 1 of the MOS program and some hanging . I hand upward cause of my LOT which is 7:00.

Does anyone else notice very slight gains the next morning after a workout? I haven't read/herd anything about. I was just wondering if its cause i eat well and take vitamins.


:cheers: Keep goin, congrats......


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seems like i've been around for lil over 2 years, i'm glad i made this thread to remember what my saize was then, cause i measured the other day and i was 7"BPenis EnlargementL. Thats a solid 1" gain. rofl
I haven't really kept up with a routine the past 2 years but i've gotten more serious lately, and this has given me more confidence.:) :)

All you guys out there having trouble gaining, STICK WITH IT!