First clamp...did I do it right?


I tried my first clamping session with a cable clamp today. I did two 5 minute clamps. I'm wondering if I did it correctly, because I actually get more of a pump when I do manual squeezes/Ulis. I got 90% or so erect and put on a strip of ace bandage close to the base. Then I put on a red cable clamp and tightened it about half way. I proceeded to get a full erection while adjusting the clamp tighter. I had to use all the clicks on the clamp just to get a fair pump . I'm about 5.25" at the base (5" or so mid-shaft). Only average. Maybe I lost some of my erection while getting the bandage and clamp on (I tried not to; was looking at some naked ladies!). My D did turn a little purple after the five minutes, so I did get a bit of squeeze going. Comments?


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yes, you got a squeeze going....your dick went purple at one point.
Okay, well you must find the wrapping abit of putting so try it without the wrap like me.
Get FULLY erect and than clamp off as near to the base you can.
Leave about 2 clicks showing on the clamp, so you have it tight .... if ya get dis-colouration than leave 3 clicks.


Thanks Red. I'll keep easing into the routine slowly. I thought some discoloration was normal during claming.

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