im so excited, i measured this morning 8 inches!

all my hard work paid off, 2 1/2 weeks ago i was 7.6

woot woot!!


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Where can I get a copy of your routine and how long you been at Penis Enlargement?

hey, ive been doing pe for almost 2 months now and im so happy with the results

i think the reason why ive been getting such great results is becasue of my warmup and warmdown

i do 15 minute warmup sitting in bath
then i do 10 regular streches for 30 seconds each
then i do 10 down streches for 30 seconds each
then i do 5 a-streches 30 seconds each
then 5 bundled blasters for 30 seconds each
then i do 15 minutes of slow jelq
10 supra slammers
5 uli for 15 seconds each
5 horse for 15 seconds each
and then i finish off with 15 minutes of jelq
note: all the jelqs i do are wet jelqs

after my workout, my penis is a monster and i sit and relax in my bath to some music for about 30 minutes to rest down

i do it every other day, takes about 2 hours out of my time sometimes a little over

but, i got the time so i do it

best of luck


Proof what hardwork can do, make sure you dont slack and keep doing it to cement those gains.
That's a good routine that you got. Thank for sharing it with us.
My measuring day is Wednesday, I am hoping to break 8.


If only i could hit 6.2 NBP, long term goal is 7 inches nbp. I get my Clamps tomorrow and im gonna start some vigarous dedicated exercises.

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