“This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people living or dead is coincidental. The story is posted at Matters of Size with permission from the author.”

Sharing Secrets
Written by Rain
Copyright, 2003

John crumpled an empty beer can, then tossed it into the recycle trash can. Lightheaded, he glimpsed around the living room of the beach house. Toby’s uncle had loaned him the place for the weekend. A perfect party house for John’s nineteenth birthday, away from the main roads, set at the backside of twenty acres with white sand beaches right outside.

The evening was worked-out ahead of time. Everyone attending the part was to spend the night, saving on ride homes for those too intoxicated to drive. A grandfather clock chimed the midnight hour. Thirty minutes earlier, Toby had popped in a porno DVD, hoping it would raise sexual excitement for women present. The plan was taking a very strange twist , so John hung back in the kitchen area, viewing the proceeding from a safe distance.

Who had started the conversation was a mystery. However it began, Eric had taken charge, matching a twenty-dollar bill onto the coffee table. “Yeah, I’ll put all of you to shame.” He glimpsed around the room and dared, “Come-on boys, lay out the bucks.”

Toby shied back a half step, but tried sounding bold, “I don’t know, hate to take everyone’s money.” He smirked at Keith and inquired, “How about you? Afraid of losing?”

Keith was hesitant for a moment, allowing the crowd of onlookers to jibe him into taking part. “What the hell,” he said, then stepped forward, pulling his wallet from a rear pocket and tossing a twenty above the coffee table.

As the twenty floated onto the growing pile of bills, John slipped further back into the kitchen. At six and three quarters in length and five and half thick, he was average size. Five months ago, he was at the beech house with Keith and Toby. They were watching the same porno DVD as now. Toby had commented on the size of the men’s cocks in the porno.

At the time, Keith had smirked and replied “Really big ones are made, not born.” John recalled seeing the bulges in both Keith and Toby’s pants. John guessed Toby to be at almost the same size as him. Keith was another story, with his cock stretching almost half down his pant leg. If John had ventured a guess, he would have put Keith at least nine inches or more.

Keith stepped forward and tossed a twenty onto the table, bring the total bet to one hundred and twenty dollars. Suddenly, to John shock his girlfriend of two months burst into the living room, waving a cloth tape measure. “I’ve got the tape measure,” Sue announced, then ordered, “Everyone taking part form a circle around me, so I get down to business of determining a victor. And no one puts it away until everyone’s been measured.”

Pants came unzipped and the stroking began. Within seconds, Sue began her task of finding a winner. Rick measured at six and half by five inches and stepped back. Rick almost putting his cock away, until a couple of the girls warned him not too. Surprised, Kerry stepped forward, eyeing Eric’s tool. Sue announced Kerry at seven by five and half.

Eric bobbed his tool up and down. “Measure the winner baby, pushing nine inches here,” he stated.

Sue’s eyes widened, however she failed to confirm Eric’s brag of size. “Eight and quarter by just under five and three quarters.” She smirked and commented, “It’s big, but not the almost nine inches you claimed. But you’ll have no problem getting laid tonight.” A couple women cheered, defining him as porno star size.

“Hey,” Toby declared. “He’s not the winner by a long-shot.” He opened the front of his pants and produced a huge cock. Everyone gasped. Cautious, Sue inched forward on her knees, then laid the tape measure across the top. Shocked, she proclaimed Toby at, “Nine and quarter by” she wrapped the tape measure at the base of Toby’s monster and finished, “Six inches thick.”

Keith allowed Toby to bask in the glory for a minute, before whipping out his Dickzilla. As Sue turned, ready for the next contestant, the head of Keith’s cock slapped her face. She almost fell backward. Her face sheeted white. Trembling, she measured Dickzilla. “Just over ten and three quarters by seven inches!”

Keith slipped his python into his pants and snapped the money from the coffee table. “Winner, again.”

John noticed Keith and Toby exchange knowing smirks. Toby fingered a logo on his black tee shirt with the lettering, MOS. Suddenly, John realized that Keith’s white tee shirt had the same logo. MOS meant something, a secret that only Keith and Toby shared. Confused, John glanced the logo on his new tee mid-night blue shirt that was birthday a gift from Keith and Toby. The same logo MOS sprouted at him, big bold silver letters.

As the night progressed into dawn, everyone who had taken part in the contest had gone off into a bedroom. Except Eric who had left the beech house with Sue holding onto his arm. Depressed, John drifted into a room alone to pass-out. What a birthday gift, losing his girlfriend. Sue turned out to be a size queen. John held both Keith and Toby in higher regard. His two best friends had declined Sue’s advances.

John’s dreams were of him and Sue having sex, with her begging him to go deeper. However, there was no deeper he was able to give her. Nor extra girth to fill her. Late the next morning, he showered, then helped Toby and Keith clean the beech house. Keith drove John, while Toby headed back into the heart of the city to return the keys to his uncle.

On the way home, John watched trees shedding fall colors. Keith popped in a new age style CD. The music was soothing to John’s battered mind. Toby cock and grown huge in the past five months. There was secret between his two best friends. He thought of the tee shirt with the MOS logo in his daypack. Part of him wanted to ask what the letters meant. What was the harm in asking? Casual, he looked at Keith and inquired, “What does M. O. S. stand-for?”

Keith smirked, “Matters of Size . It was almost a year ago, that I found it on the Internet. Toby is a member as well. It changed my life.” For a second, he glanced from looking at the road and suggested, “You should consider joining.”

John sighed. “What is it? A website for guys with huge cocks? Because if it is, I’d never be able to join. You saw how quickly that Sue left with Rick.” He paused for a moment of silence, then added, “Thanks for not allowing her to take advantage of you last night.”

Keith nodded. “Just as well you learned what type of chick she was, before you became more attached to her.” His eyes focused on the task of driving, he explained, “Remember a few months ago, you, Toby and me were watching that same porno?”

John shrugged. “Yeah, you said big ones are made not born.”

“Well, you left back for the city because you had to work, leaving me and Toby alone. Toby couldn’t keep his eyes off the bulge along my pant leg. He accused me of having stuffed socks into my pants to play a trick on him. So, I challenged him to gentlemen’s bet, no money involved.”

“So, you guys whipped em out?” asked John.

Keith smirked. “Sure did, Toby was only seven inches back then, I wasted him. I wasn’t as big then as I am now… I was only ten inches back then.”

John gawked. “Only ten inches? Dude, that’s huge! How did you make it grow larger? Pills , pumps, a lotion? I’ve seen them advertised. You mean that stuff actually works?”

Keith shook his head and replied, “There’s no magic bullet to a larger cock. It takes work and dedication. Yeah, pills help with circulation and I take them. A pump is only temporary gains, besides you could hurt yourself using one. Matters of Size teaches intense exercises. Everyone is different, and they’ll help you find the right routine for you. All Toby and I are asking, is that you don’t let out our secret. We decided since we’re buds, to share it with you. That’s why we got you the tee shirt.”

John shook his head and stated, “You and Toby set-up that entire contest last night? I’m willing to bet you gave him his twenty back.” There was no need for Keith to answer. John continued, “So, that’s the reason you guys didn’t try and drag me into it last night, you both knew I’d lose big-time compared to you and him.”

Keith nodded. “Well, in a few months, we’ll set-up another contest, but I can’t take part. Word of my new size will probably get around, quick. No other guy would dare go against me, maybe even Toby will have to sit it out.”

“How will you trick everyone if you’re not going to take-part in another contest?”

“Easy enough,” Keith informed him. “You recall our friend Lisa? She was going to do the measuring last night, however ‘you know who’ stepped in quicker than drug addict at a heroin convention. I couldn’t stop her without letting it was a set-up to take bring Eric down a few notches.”

John nodded, remembering how often Eric bragged about the size of his cock.

“Anyway,” continued Keith. “Lisa will get another contest going when you’re ready. She’s cool about that sort of stuff, and with her you know she’s only looking for good lay once in awhile.”

An hour later, John stood naked in front of a full-length door mirror inside of his studio apartment. His erect cock was nothing to brag about. But that was going to change. He grabbed a fresh towel from a bathroom shelve, stepped into his living and draped the towel over his desk chair.

On the computer screen was the MOS website. John had browsed the free forms, finding lots of advice. He was amazed when reading the routine and progress reports of members , seeing their gains slowly over time and becoming bigger and bigger.

John clicked suBathmateitted, transmitting the numbers from his bank debit card. He decided on Keith’s advice and became a paying member. Within seconds, he was yanking on his penis and feeling micro tears along his shaft. “Yeah,” he assured himself. “I’m going get huge.” He focused on the “A” stretch and moaned, “I can feel even more now.”

John decided Lisa could do the measuring for the next contest, but he wanted to insure that Sue was a witness at his victory. After she came crawling back to him, he planned to turn her away and leave with Lisa.


Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
Rain that was great! Can I use it on the site? I love your fiction, as you know already, but this one takes the cake. I can't wait to show Jen. I'm trying to figure out the characters;)


Glad you enjoyed the story.

Feel free to use the story for your site. I was trying to be as realistic as possible, staying with the theme it takes dedication. Want to add the new device into the next chapter.

It was quick write, about an hour and half, with very speedy edit. Came at roughly 1,850 plus words. Nine pages at 12 font if printed.

It was late at night when posted, so I missed a number of errors. Will try and do better next time.


Ha ha! Very cool little story! I love the part about the T-shirts. When are those going to happen?


Great to see the site now has a fiction section. When I can find time and added another chapter to this story, will shuffle it into the Erotic Stories section of the website.

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