Feds accidentally release documents through FOIA


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Feds accidentally release documents through FOIA
Las Vegas Sun |
"A watchdog group has removed documents from its Web site that detail military research into knockout gases similar to the one used in the deadly 2002 Moscow theater siege after the Marine Corps warned they could pose a threat to Defense Department employees... The Sunshine Project posted an e-mail on its site Thursday from Zachary J. Stewart, a lawyer with the Marine Corps Systems Command, saying the three documents were inadvertently sent to the group after it requested them through the Freedom of Information Act... The documents were posted on the group's site in January. It's not clear why the Marines waited until Wednesday to ask that they be removed... Steven Aftergood, who runs the Federation of American Scientists' Project on Government Secrecy, said the government could not legally compel the group to do so. He said similar requests occur a few times a year, but called this one a 'comedy of errors,' since the documents were apparently sent by mistake and were on the Web for months. 'Once information makes it to the Web for more than 30 seconds, it is permanently in the public domain,' he said."


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