F'd up my bicep

I dunno what the hell I did but I was lifting weights today (no arm work) and my right bicep became deformed. It used to be nice and round but now it has 2 lumps and its kind of flat. It didnt' hurt and I didnt notice it until I was flexin at home. I'm goin to see a doctor tomorrow about a problem with my knee so I'll have him look at it. It looks like I tore it a long time ago and it healed wrong but I dunno WTF it is. It looks worse than it does in the photo. It was hard to take a good pic of it.


I believe it's very wise of you to see a doctor ASAP.
The doc said "Oh Jesus!" when i showed it to him. He said that i partially tore a tendon to the smaller muscle in the bicep. He said just rest and it should heal itself okay. The bad news is that my knee may have a torn meniscus. I have to get an xray in a few days to see whats wrong with it.
Sorry to hear that...that will put a damper on your training for a while, but it's good to hear that you're not going to have to go under the knife (at least not for your bicep anyway). I'll hope for the best as far as your knee is concerned...keep us posted on how it turns out.
whoa that bicep pic was kinda wierd... knee surgery is horrible, I hope you dont have to go through what I went through.


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BeBobBox, at least you got knee surgery. I have some fucked up knees and I could not get the doctor to take them seriously. I think he thought I was babying them, but they hurt like a bitch. More than unbearable pain, they keep me from doing what I want to do. I saw some improvement through physical therapy, but not enough and the doctor didn't give a shit.
I've had surgery on my other knee from a genetic defect. My bicep is starting to get real sore now. There was no pain or soreness the first 2 days. What pisses me off is I don't know what exercise I did that screwed me up. I wasn't even lifting that hard either. I don't know how I hurt my knee either. It just starting hurting one day. This sux about training. All I can do is abs and Penis Enlargement now. Time to get a huge dick and a six pack. Just what the ladies want.
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