Fast food workers victimized by anonymous caller


Jun 3, 2003
Fast food workers victimized by anonymous caller
Joplin Globe |
"A 16-year-old female manager and a 19-year-old male cook told another manager who discovered them in the compromising position a little before 9 p.m. in the women's restroom of the Sonic Drive-in at 1030 E. Seventh St. that they were following the instructions of a man who'd called the restaurant and identified himself as a police officer... 'The caller then tells her to have the cook disrobe, and the cook does,' Hounschell said. 'Apparently, the caller was threatening to have her arrested if she did not cooperate. So she cooperated.' The caller then ordered the manager to perform oral sex on the cook, which she initially refused to do, he said. But he threatened her with arrest again, he said. 'He told her he'd send some officers down to arrest her,' Hounschell said. 'So, uh, she did.'"

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