Fantasies Cum True


Jun 3, 2003
My wife and I have agreat sex life and after a Friday night talk about fantasies, it became even more fulfilling. We were relaxing after making love, her head on my chest, softly caressing each other when I asked her about her sexual fantasies. She didn't answer right away. I could tell by the silence that she was trying to find a way to tell me without making it sound like she was making anything up just to please me. Once she started, it was like she couldn't stop as fantasy after fantasy poured out of her mouth, making me somewhat afraid but pleasantly surprised. The gamut of her fantasies ran from making love in public to lesbianism and voyeurism. She said that she liked to watch and be watched and she always wondered what it would be like to make love to a woman or to have two men make love to her at the same time. As we have only been married for just over 18 months, it scared me a little because we were getting into the unknown territory of past lives which I knew little of. At the same time, I was surprised that my wife was being so open about herself and happy that she would share all her feelings with me. We talked for hours that night about fantasies and finally fell asleep in the early hours of the morning. The next day, we woke with renewed appreciation of each other and made love again and again. Half way through the day, we finally got up and decided, after breakfast, that we would go to a sex shop and buy some toys . My wife always dresses conservatively but today she dressed without a bra or panties. I could smell the sex oozing out of her as we drove to the store . We entered and found what we were looking for. They had a good variety of dildos, strap -ons, cock rings and lubrications. We were going through the many toys when the clerk, a woman about thirty-five, came up and asked if we needed any help. We looked at each other rather sheepishly and managed to answer her in a hesitant manner. She smiled at us and told us not to be nervous. She knew this was the first time for us and she was very helpful. She explained the different toys and what they were used for and enthralled my wife with her descriptions and explanations. We finally decided on what we thought we would like to buy and were startled when the woman asked if we would like to try them out before we bought them. We both nodded and she led us to a small room in the back that was very private and left us with some of the toys. She told us to have fun and she would be back in a little while to see how we were doing. After the woman closed the door, my wife let out a small gleeful moan and kissed me with her tongue in my mouth. We separated and decided to try one of the strap -ons first. We both undressed and my wife helped me put the device on. She bent over and licked the end of it and slowly sucked it into her mouth seductively. She deep throated the strap -on and I knew she was getting turned on by the way she was squirming and pressing her thighs together. I pulled her up and told her to bend over which she did quickly. I aimed the protruding rubber phallus at her wet hole and started to enter her. I moved slowly so she could get used to the device's size and length . Soon I was fully inside her and she was moaning as I pulled the phallus out and started to push it back into her again. I started to move in and out of her faster and she was telling me how good it felt inside her. We were getting to the point of no return when there was a short knock on the door and the woman clerk opened the door and asked how we were doing. She stood in the doorway for a moment, feeding on the scene before her with my wife bent over and the strap -on deep inside her. She hesitated for a moment and came into the room, closing the door behind her. Her eyes gave her away as they were full of lust and she started to take her clothes off as she walked over to us. She was completely nude by the time she got to us and told to relax as she just wanted to watch us. She stopped a few feet from us and told us to go ahead. I looked at her and then my wife, who wiggled her ass as if to tell me to start fucking her again. I pulled the strap -on out of her almost to the end and then started to thrust it in and out as she moaned and was telling me again how good it felt. I continued for a few more minutes and then looked over at the woman watching us. She had two fingers in her vagina and was finger fucking herself vigorously. She saw me look at her and asked if she could join us. We didn't hesitate in answering yes and she came over to the two of us, running her hands over our bare skin and exposed genitals. She encouraged us to continue by pushing softly on my ass, motioning me to begin thrusting again in and out of my wife. She held the strap -on in her hand as it came out of my wife and after a few thrusts, rubbed the juices into her own crotch. We continued this way for a few more minutes, my wife moaning and groaning as the rubber cock was reaching deep inside her. The woman then, surprised us both by asking if she could try the strap -on herself. I quickly pulled the strap -on out of my wife and helped the woman put it on her hips. She looked very sexy as she stood for a moment with the rubber cook protruding out from her crotch. She fondly rubbed it between her fingers and then pointed it at my wife's hole. She wasted little time in entering my wife and was soon thrusting in and out of her as I had been doing not a minute before. I stood and watched this woman fuck my wife with softness and aggressively. I watched the rubber cock pounding in and out of my wife and heard my wife telling the woman to fuck her harder. The two women were writhing in pleasure as they continued and I could only stand there and watch in astonisHydromaxent, the scene before me. After what seemed like a long time, my wife climaxed and not shortly after, the woman did too. I could see their juices running down their legs as they separated. My wife slumped to the floor and the woman stood in the middle of the room with the strap -on protruding from her crotch. They both were breathing heavily and the woman joined my wife on the floor as they tried to catch their breath. I was left standing with a gigantic hard on, watching the two women cuddle and caress each other. They were too involved with each other to notice me until I finally said something to gain their attention. They both looked at me and smiled at each other as they moved slowly across the floor on their hands and knees towards me. My wife grabbed my hard cock and thrust it in her mouth as the woman started licking my balls and ass hole. It didn't take long for me to come in my wife's mouth and she milked my cock to get all the come out of it. The woman was continuing to lick and suck my balls and ass as I came and it was the biggest load I had ever let go. My cock softened and my wife let it fall out of her mouth. I could see my semen on her tongue as she opened her mouth to let my cock fall out. The woman was still licking and sucking me and my wife went around behind me to join her. They both licked and sucked me until I couldn't stand it any more as my knees gave out and I lowered myself to the floor. I slowly turned towards to two women and was given another treat. They were kissing each other with their tongues running in and out of each other's mouth. My wife was caressing the woman's breasts and the woman was rubbing her hands up and down my wife's crotch. I was too tired to do anything but watch the two women pleasure each other. They slowly lay down on the floor and continued kissing and caressing each other until the woman rolled over on top of my wife. They lay there for a few minutes and then slowly rearranged themselves into a 69 position. I moved so I could see them both from the side and watched as their tongues licked the insides of their vaginas. The woman found my wife's clit and gently sucked on it as my wife started writhing underneath her. My wife was pleasuring the woman too as she was wiggling her ass in the air and grinding her cunt onto my wife's mouth. They both climaxed at the same time and let out loud groans of pleasure as they brought each other to fulfillment. They slowly separated and lay on the floor beside each other, holding hands and breathing heavily. They rested for a while and then the woman got up and started to get dressed. After she was dressed, she told us there was no charge for the toys except that she wanted to help us explore their use in the near future. I looked at my wife as she quickly answered yes and told the woman our address. The woman wrote it down and asked if tonight would be too soon to assist us. My wife didn't hesitate in answering yes and told the woman that she would be welcome anytime. The woman said that she had to work until 5 but would be over as soon after that as she could. As she opened the door, I asked her what her name was and she said it was Mandy. We quickly told her our names and she walked out the door without another word. My wife looked at me with a big grin on her face and a contented look in her eyes. We got dressed, put the toys in a bag and left the store . On the way home, we didn't talk much but held hands and smiled a lot at each other. We knew that this was opening a new part of our life and we were looking forward to seeing the direction it might lead us to. We rested when we got home, holding each other close and at 5:15 the doorbell rang. We both welcomed Mandy with a hug and a kiss and soon were in bed making love. The toys we had taken were the strap -on, of course, a large dildo, a small vibrator and a few other devices. We all got to use them on each other before the night was over including my wife having anal intercourse for the first time. Another first for my wife was having two cocks inside her at the same time. Until that day, I had no idea how much my wife enjoyed her sexual freedom but how much it has opened up our lives together. We love each other very much and have included others in our lovemaking. We have made love to other women and my wife has had the pleasure of having two men make love to her at the same time. She enjoys anal intercourse very much and loves to have two cocks inside her at the same time. She has made love with two women and has watched as I sucked my first cock. We enjoy pleasuring others but always leave the best lovemaking for each other.


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Sep 13, 2004
it was good until very end. "i sucked my first cock", as in him being bisexual. ok thats just weird


Apr 14, 2004
... ok seriously why is that weird?

i might be going over the top here but i really hate homophobia. people have no problem with seeing or reading about lesbian action but as soon as theres a hint of male bisexuality its "weird"
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