Family in town/PEing


Nov 3, 2003
Hey guys. I just wanted to share a little bit. As some of you may or may not have realized, I'm just getting started here. I started 11/01. Not on purpose, just worked out that way after I felt like I researched/read enough to get started. Anyway...

This weekend I had my wife's family come in from out of town for the weekend. I was wondering what in the heck I was gonna do about Penis Enlargement. Well, here's what I've been doing... You know how it is when you company, we stay up visiting til about midnite, usually about then I'll say, "Well I'm gonna go get a shower and get ready for bed." And go to our bedroom. I take a hot shower for warm up and then get to my Penis Enlargementing. I'll stretch for a few minutes after getting out of the shower and the do my hanging . I hang for 20 min w/ 2 lbs, then wet jelq for 10 min, then hang for 20 min again then, then jelq . Normally, I had been doing 4 sets of hanging /jelqing , but the first night I only did 2; last night 3. I've been getting in bed about 2:30 - 3:00 am.

Anyway, its hard, and I want to get my good workouts in, but I am proud of myself for not just sayig screw it while I have family in.

Question: What's the word on having sex before/after Penis Enlargement? Does it affect the Penis Enlargementing?


Jun 29, 2003
Some say yes while other say no. I am not aware of any clinical studies on this. I do not think it would be a good idea though. Withholding ejaculation helps elevate testosterone levels and some claim this helps with growth. Other state that it has no effect. It's a personal choice though like Penis Enlargement. As far as keeping up your routine while family is in town, good for you... that shows dedication and will help carry you far.


Jun 3, 2003
I am proud of you man. Thats my theory too. Set a goal then be determined to let NOTHING hinder you getting there.

As far as sex, if you should withhold sex because it stops pe growth then someone forgot to tell my penis cause it just keeps on growing. After all the hard work I put in sex is the icing on the cake. Maybe it hinders others but thankfully not me.
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