Family friend allegedly stabs toddler


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Jun 3, 2003
Family friend allegedly stabs toddler
Portland Press Herald |
"Police arrested a Portland woman Wednesday on charges of stabbing the 15-month-old son of her best friend and then setting a fire to destroy evidence. Police charged Christine Courchesne, 24, with elevated aggravated assault and arson a day after Kayd'n Neves was stabbed seven times at the Brookfield Terrace apartments in Portland. His family said the toddler will survive the attack, which punctured a lung and kidney and cut his diaphragm... The stabbing and the arrest of Courchesne stunned [Tiffiny Post] and her family, who are trying to understand why a close friend is now accused of stabbing a toddler she baby-sat... 'This is completely unexplainable. She was the most gentle person I ever met. I don't know what happened.'"