Family court judge unable to outlaw homophobia


Jun 3, 2003
Family court judge unable to outlaw homophobia
PlanetOut |
"A Colorado state appeals court has ordered a lower court to re-examine a custody order that forbade a conservative Christian mother from indoctrinating her daughter with 'homophobic' ideas. The controversial order was leveled at Cheryl Clark, a former lesbian who left her partner, Elsey McLeod, after she (Clark) converted to Christianity... Although it's quite common for family court judges to enjoin one parent from denigrating the other, Judge Coughlin's phrasing, barring any 'homophobic' influence in the daughter's religious teaching, was somewhat unusual. Clark's lawyers were able to argue that the order might forbid their client from reading certain passages of the Bible to her daughter, and otherwise interfere with her freedom of speech and religious expression."

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