Exposed to HIV

So I was bi-curious this year and had protected anal sex w/ this guy. I also performed oral sex. Yesterday he told me he recently contracted HIV. I know I didnt give it to him. Yet, I'm scared to death that I acquired it from oral sex. I never swallowed cum or anything, but I'm still scared. I'm only 20 yrs old. I dont know whether I want to know if I'm positive or no b/c it will ruin me.


You say he 'recently' contracted it. Did he do so before you guys had your encounter or after? Either way, if I had any doubts about being exposed to such a serious disease, I'd go and get tested asap. Better to know EARLY, rather than later on when youre already showing symptoms. Even with HIV, youre much better off the better youre diagnosed, assuming you are even positive for it. Chances are, youre negative but you should still get tested.
He said he was tested a year ago. I've had sex w/ him about 5 times during this year. I'm getting tested Thursday, but if I do have it, I'm completely done. fucked


well dude there is nothn u can do now but wait for your test and then the results......your chances off contracting HIV through oral sex are not that high.....unless u have a gash or lesion in your mouth.........

be might seem like the end off the world but its not.........there r a lot off new drugs out that will tide u over till a cure is found.............

And u know what.....most probably u r not even infected......
I wish you the best smallguy...please keep us posted on how everything turns out. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Well, I feel much more relieved. The chances of getting HIV from an HIV + person through oral sex and/or semen is a hell of a lot less than 1%. So i'll most likely be fine. Just have to reaffirm the negative :).
Smallguy44, you got all our support koopa. I'm sure you don't have it tho, so be positive! It's a good idea to get tested just to back yourself up, but no worries man. You should be all in the good.
Smallguy, I know everything will be fine. Like you said less than 1% chance. So relax and get that test done and you'll KNOW everything is ok.


RazedNegative said:
Smallguy44, you got all our support koopa. I'm sure you don't have it tho, so be positive! It's a good idea to get tested just to back yourself up, but no worries man. You should be all in the good.
that was funny....................... rofl
Sure.. I hope the good news is that you don't have HIV. :)
You don't have HIV, but you have some other std? or the same but replace std with bad medical condition that they detected by blood work.
DLD has been mad busy lately and as the PM inbox can only (!) hold 200 messages this is likely why yours have been bouncing. I think things will be back to normal soon for him, the paysite and bibsite content have been his focus the last while. Dont be offended, DLDs time is always under heavy demand it seems to me :)
This is the most creepy-ass guessing game ever. Would you set our minds at rest already please? We're all rooting for ya here :)
I'm negative for HIV but I havent done Penis Enlargement in 2 weeks. My girth is lacking. And since this stupid HIV scare, I can't get myself to do Penis Enlargement, since it seems totally stupid to waste my time w/ b/c I have my health back now. I know it sounds dumb, but the motivation that was once buring has been driven out of me.
Well holy shit that's not exactly bad news compared to what we were expecting! Great to hear your negative man. As for the motivation, thats totally understandable after what youve been through.
That was pretty mean keeping us all in suspense like that! I am glad you are well, and you will stay well no matter which team you bat for so long as you continue to practice safe sex!

It is a common reaction when you have a health scare to reexamine your priorities. Penis Enlargement must seem kind of silly in comparison to contracting a grave illness. Then again, what can it hurt either? I say keep doing Penis Enlargement. There's nothing wrong with being safe, healthy, happy AND hung!

I hate to hear that your experimentation caused you so much mental anguish. It must have been awful. Just remember to always choose your partners carefully, whether male or female.

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