Expert blames genital wounds on rape kit Q-tip


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Jun 3, 2003
Expert blames genital wounds on rape kit Q-tip
Orange County Weekly |
"By the time the evidence portion of the Haidl gang-rape trial ended June 17, the case had been whittled down to a single question: was Jane Doe, the alleged victim, so intoxicated from beer, marijuana and eight ounces of Bombay Gin that she couldn't resist, or did she fake unconsciousness... [defense witness Dr. Marvin Corman] opined that there was no chance the defendants caused any internal trauma to Doe even though they needed to spit on her genitals to help plunge a pool cue, Snapple bottle and a Tree Top Apple juice can into her vagina and anus. He blamed the bleeding and lacerations found in Doe's rectum three days after the gangbang on a Q-tip used by sexual assault nurses at a local hospital. Under friendly questioning by Haidl lawyer Joe Cavallo, Corman said, 'In every instance the examples of trauma [to Doe] were caused by the examiner.'"