Experience with Natural PE

In the past, I've unknowingly worked with several NPenis Enlargement techniques strictly for pleasure. I find that this prelim work helped me a lot when I began Penis Enlargement two years ago, as I had learned some of the basics of the plumbing involved as well as moves that helped my endurance.

Edging, of course, I started in connection with Tantric yoga, and has proved to be the best method for maintaining high levels for certain workouts and in my (increasingly important) girth work. Constriction devices (cockrings) were my jackoff choice for years, and I even spent a summer hanging ball weights.

Have you worked in the past with masturbation techniques that are now fairly well ensconced in the Penis Enlargement workout, and how do you think these efforts paid off? Do you find that you rely on these techniques to enhance the exercises that DLD and others has developed?
DLD: I was at or about 6 1/2. Slim, no real girth. I'm ignorant of the median/norm length but isn't that about it?

I'm now BPenis EnlargementL 7 with G 5 3/4 but I haven't measured consistently or recently and can't at the moment.

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