Exersice and PE


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I live in Canada and L-Arginince is banned by the FDA. Luckily my local subburban health food store smuggles it in for us so I'm starting my supplements as of tommorrow. ($45.00 Can dollars up here) In my search for info about L-Arginine I found this.

-Studies have shown that exercises that build the quadriceps (the large muscles on the front of the thigh) increase blood flow to the penis by more than 21 percent within a mere half-a-minute. This tremendous increase in the blood supplied to the penis is equal to a sexual rocket-launching.

-Exercise also increases growth hormone, which is the youth hormone responsible for libido and sexual stamina during the teen years.

-More muscle means more testosterone.

These are all aids in the great journey of Penis Enlargement, use them to your benefit fellow Penis Enlargement'ers.

You can view the full article at http://www.arginineresearch.com/


I don't believe it's quadricep specific exercises that cause increased gh and testosterone. Something like leg extensions have not been shown to have this effect. The studies showing this refer to exercises such as squats and deadlifts which incorporate all of the upper leg and gluteal muscles.

I did deadlifts on Monday and still feel "it" :) Squats are scheduled for Friday!


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DLD I think she was trying to get the point across that L-Arginine is a natural substitute for viagra. Probably not as strong but it still works. Those doses are high as the pills I have are only 500mg per unit.
Hey dld ,
I buy L-ARGININE here in the usa ...and it only cost like $6.00 per bottle of 50 - 500mg. capsules.
Not very expensive ,And I have been taking them since 2 weeks into my exercises.