Exercise Question.


New member
Dec 30, 2003
Aright I'm 16 7.25 x 5.5, and I was wondering what is good to work at with this size. As in what exercises should I do and am I at a good starting size considering my age? I basically need help with designing a program. What kind of gains should be expected and when, and is this a good size to start at with my age, and when should I expect my member to finish growing? I know this is a plethora of questions so thanks for any help as it is greatly appreciated. Especially to DLD as I know you are a busy man spending all that time in the washroom, I would'nt be surprised if you turned your sink into a desktop. Thanks again.
Aug 23, 2003
You're really big right now if you're measuring right.

There are different ways people measure, but the one most commonly used here is BP, which stands for "bone pressed". You basically put a ruler along the top of your penis and press it to the bone.

Everyone varies as far as gaining goes. I would be careful starting at 16. I don't know anyone who has started that young or the effects if could have on you.

Just be sure to read up, learn to use the search function, join MOS if you have the means.


Oct 25, 2003
didn't red start at 16? i think that sounds like a good age to start, unless your like a late bloomer or something, which, with your sze, I can doubt