Ethics complaint filed against Tom DeLay


Jun 3, 2003
Ethics complaint filed against Tom DeLay
The Hill |
"Rep. Chris Bell (D-Texas), a departing first-term lawmaker, yesterday, as expected, filed an official complaint with the House ethics committee, accusing House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) of money-laundering, bribery and corruption... Bell insisted that his three count, 187-page complaint was not a partisan attack but an attempt to restore the integrity of the House... Bell said his ethics complaint against DeLay was unrelated to his loss of his congressional seat. However, Bell conceded that he blamed the 'Texas redistricting process' - an effort DeLay orchestrated - for losing his primary to an African-American in a significantly redrawn district. 'It is my opinion that Mr. DeLay is the most corrupt politician in America today,' Bell added... Bell’s actual complaint reads like a legal indictment, replete with “counts,” exhibits and appendixes. Drawn mostly from press accounts, Bell said the complaint was months in the drafting."

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