Erection trouble


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Jul 8, 2003
Recently I have been focusing more on girth and have been putting uli's and horse sqeezes into my routine. I feel that I'm doing a pretty moderate amount (set of 10) but it's difficult for me to stay hard while doing these exercises specifically. Also If I do either of these it's like I can't get up and stay up as easily. When I back off for a few days I am back to normal. The problem is I feel like I am getting decent gains with this but sex is becoming an issue because I have trouble keeping it up for a while after my workout. Could I be doing either of these exercises wrong or does my penis just have to get used to doing them? What would be the best exercise for erection strength? Has anybody experienced something similar? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


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Dec 5, 2003
First I would say you need the "Ring of Power" That has solved my erection stregth problem. Second I would edge for aobut 10 min before you do girth work. Edging is were you beat off right until you cum, then you kegel hard and long to keep form cumming. This gives you a unbelivable hard on. They when you to girth work you will stay hard, no problem at all. I used to not be able to stay hard for girth work but now I can using these two meathods. Also dont ejaculate after your girth work, you will completly use your pump !
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