I was just going to ask DLD this in a PM, but figured it could help someone else too.

I have been focusing strictly on length exercises really the past few weeks on a 5 on 2 off basis. I do toilet compressions each workout day and isolated compressions every other workout day in addition of course to my regular stretch routines. I wanted to know if this was enough girth to gain a little bit like maybe less than a quarter inch in girth over a month and a half period or would using the 2 days off to do wet jelqs (500?) and isolated compressions and toilet compressions be best? I only ask because I don't want to hinder any recovery time for my penis in terms of growth in length . My question I guess to tighten this up is would using my regular rest days to do only girth work hurt my length gains? Is that stupid to ask?


Also, I guess this thread could really be about whether or not working on improving one thing at a time (girth or length ) is better than working on both equally. I did that for the first three months really and never saw an increase in girth. I am still 5 inches in girth. At the base I never measured, until recently and I am ever slightly less than 5 inches in girth there. That sucks IMO. Still, could be worse. I'm itching to get back at this Sunday. Too bad it'll be back to 10 hour workdays again Monday. I'm tired as shit, night guys.


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I don't think you need much, if any, recovery time for length gains. As far as which dimension to increase first, girth or length , that's up to you.

I train for both and it seems to be doing the trick. I'd rather train both since there's more of a chance of gaining something instead of putting girth on hold to train length and vice versa.


I'm no expert but I'm focusing on length first, and I only have 4.75 girth so don't feel bad.

I figure I'll get as much length as I can. If I hit a wall or plateau then I'll change my focus to girth work and give length work a break. Right now I'm hanging and have gained .5 inches in about 2 months. But I've also gained about an 1/8 inch in girth with little to no girth excercises.
I too am focusing solely on length gains. Your concept of doing toilet compression squeezes and isolation compression squeezes seems like a novel one. I gained some nice width (and girth) with the toilet compression squeezes.

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