Eminem is SHOOK



Jun 3, 2003
In fear of becoming the next slain rapper, Eminem now wears a bulletproof vest and has beefed up his security by hiring six former CIA bodyguards according to published reports.

From Insane Clown Posse to Benzino, Em has had his share of lyrical and physical beefs, yet this time it seems that Slim fears for his life. Allegedly, Em first hired his goons after his latest verbal sparring with Ja Rule got out of hand. Proof, Em's right hand man, even claimed being assaulted by Murder Inc. affiliates last May.

Each of the former CIA specialists cost Slim, $160,000 apiece. The team carries glocks and conduct safety inspections everywhere Em goes. Furthermore, the squad also counseled Em to purchase perimeter fences and security video cameras at his newly purchased $4.8 million Detroit, Michigan mansion.

"I was with Eminem when we bought his first bullet vest. He wouldn't be caught dead without it. Slim is frightened, his people are frightened. He's running against big league guys," Byron Williams, one of Em's former bodyguards reportedly said. "When hardcore gangsters say they're going to do something, they do it. And right now, they're saying they want to kill Eminem."

Meanwhile Em has just filed for full custody of his seven year-old daughter Hailie. According to reports at teenmusic.com, Em interrupted his European Anger Management tour to fly back to Detroit where he filed papers with the child protection authorities before hoping back on a plane to resume the tour. "Eminem is worried sick that Hailie could wind up in a foster home," says a source close to the rapper. "He filed papers to get custody even before Kim was charged. He is afraid of what might happen if Kim goes to prison," the source added. Em's ex-wife Kim Mathers was charged with felony cocaine possession, driving with a suspended license and unsafe driving near a stopped emergency vehicle at the beginning of this month.

On a brighter note, Em's music is still doing well. His stock as a producer is rising and the eight times platinum Eminem Show is #62 on the Billboard charts, 61 weeks after its release in May of last year. Slim's latest supporter is legendary Motown singer Smokey Robinson. In fact, Robinson is now contemplating collaborating with Slim.

"Eminem has always intrigued me," Robinson told the Alburquerque Tribune. "I've always admired the guy because he's talented and creative with his wordplay." "I'm sure that the two of us would raise a few eyebrows. But it just might work because it's such a departure from what everyone would expect from either of us."
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