Here is what I believe a sure-fire way of ending premature ejaculation forever. I promise you, this will change the way you look at premature ejaculation forever....with what I like to call the "STUD-MAKER-DRILL".....


Ok, before we get off on the STUD-MAKER-DRILL (pun intended), I'm going to cover the basic's of what we are going to be doing, like what exactly premature-ejaculation is and what causes it so we can reverse it....or prevent it.

Ya see, all premature-ejaculation in your mind. Nobody is born with premature-ejaculation. Premature-ejaculation is a learned behavior. I'm not talking about learning, like you would learn to drive a car, because you intended and you wanted to drive a understood the ramifications of going through the process of learning to drive a car.

Now, you may be saying to yourself "i don't remember learning to pre-ejaculate". I'm going to go through a lttle scenario and you might be able to figure out what I'm talking about. If not, then I'll still point it out to you afterwards...

You're 14 years old. Your parents left you alone for 30 minutes or so while they go to the store. You decide to be a little snoop and look through their room. You look in you dad's dresser and you come upon a thin magazine with naked chicks in it performing all kinds of nasty things. You start feeling a little weird and you decide to get your jollies off. You decide that you have a few minutes to get your jollies off and still have time to put the magazine back where you found it...all before your parents get back... Hell, you don't want to get caught pleasuring yourself by your you? You go to the bathroom, grab some vasoline and you start getting busy. Since your're in a hurry to get done before you get caught, you're really concentrating on getting off as soon as possible. You're finally done after about a minute or so and you put the magazine back and go watch TV...all before your partents arrive. You think to yourself "that's fun, I need to do that more often". From then till now, you continue to get your rocks off hundreds of times and as quick as possible so nobody catche's you.

In the above scenario it shows an example of somebody conditioning their unconcious to cause premature ejaculation, all without them even realizing it. The kid just didn't understand the ramifications of continually wacking off and ejaculation as fast as he could. He didn't mean to cause this problem. I mean, for crying out loud, he had to do something and he didn't want to get caught, so he consciously tried to get off as quick as he could every time he started feeling a little horny, until it turned to an unconscious behavior. He conditioned his mind to react in a specific way that was the best option at that time of his life (now it's not the best option!). This is the same way you would learn any behavior, whether good or bad. You continually repeat the action (such as dribbling a basketball, juggling, cussing, boxing, ejaculating as quickly as possible, etc.) until you have mastered it at an unconscious level and it's now out of your control... it's part of your behavior! He simply did it out of fear of getting caught and embaraced/humiliated.

NOTE: It doesn't matter if the above scenario is exacly what you went through or not. The "STUD-MAKER-DRILL" and it's principles of human behavior will still override your current unconscious programming, which causes premature ejaculation.
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Ok, you've read the above post, right? If not, then go back up and read it so you can get an understanding of what we are going to be doing.


Remember the last section? Good. This is what we are going to do:

We are going to use that exact same process, that most used to develop the premature-ejaculation behavior but we are going to alter it using the most efficient and logical way possible, to develop the exact opposite behavior. We are basically going to reprogram our unconcious minds, so that we can last as long as we want in bed...with any girl! It won't be unusual to become a master of your ejaculation in less than a month... and the ability to cum on your own cue... (Yes, you read that right) ;) )

NOTE: Within 3 week's testing this theory out, I went from lasting anywhere from 15-20 minutes to having complete control for anywhere from aprox. 1-2 hours.


Ok, the base foundation of the SMD is the mindset. Think about it this way... your mind can only process a positive thought... it CANNOT process a negative thought... for example...if somebody told you NOT to think of the color red, it would be impossible because in order for you to know what the color red is, your mind would have to visualize the color and therefor you would be thinking of the color red. It's totally useless to think this way.
On the other hand, if somebody told you to think of the color blue, then your mind would be dedicated to thinking of the color blue and therefor you would not be thinking of the color red.

So in knowing this, you can see how alot of guy's with this problem, tend to get frustrated when they start trying to NOT visualize themselves ejaculating... but end up ejaculating anyways... because they had to visualize it in order to know what not to do...and that make's them start thinking of the pleasure they are recieving (not good). There's an easier and effective way to do this, simply by changing your on....

Durring the SMD, we are NOT going to concentrate on NOT ejaculating, but instead we are going to be concentrating/visualizing on lasting as long as we can WHILE trying to please this girl (imagined or real) and rocking her world... INSTEAD of concentrating on the pleasure we're recieving. Does this sound like a good alternative? Good!

Overall, you wan't to be in the cause state...not the effect state. You're concentrating on the girl's (real or imaginary) pleasure, wich will make you pretty much forget about yourself... and therefore you won't be having any thoughts running through your mind about ejaculating...

If you are determined to please this woman and not think about the stimulation your recieveing, but by concentrating and being dedicated to stimulating and pleasing the woman, then you'll be too busy causeing an effect on her and therefor she won't be able to cause an effect on you (ie. busting your nut too early).

To sum up the mind-set for laymen... Do not think about your own pleasure. BUT, in order to do this, then your entire goal is to concentrate on pleasing the women (real or imaginary) AND on lasting as long as you wan't. If you do this with the STUD-MAKER-DRILL (as written below), then you will have no choice but to ingain this new behavior of lasting as long as you want...with any girl.

Part 3 coming soon....
Part 3

Ok, before I go into how to use the STUD-MAKER-DRILL, I'm going to cover the 3 level's of stimulation... wich is another essential in following the STUD-MAKER-DRILL.


You may have very low tolerance to stimulation when you're horny. You may be the type of guy that creams your pant's if a woman just brushes up against you. Or you may have enough tolerance to last a whopping 1 minute inside of a girl. From all the concentration that you've put on pleasing yourself and getting off as quick as possible, you have develped a very low tolerance for stimulation. Let's reverse that!

There are 2 types of stimulation that we are going to manipulate so we can, in essence, desensitize are self from the stimulation. There is one type of stimulation (#3) that we are going to use consistently durring the SMD so we don't fool are mind's. Here they are:

Tightness. This has to do with the tightness of the grip/girl. Most people are more sensitive to the stimulation when they tighten their grip (to a certain extent) or the girl they are having sex with is tighter. They will end up blowing their load faster

Speed. This has to do with how fast you are screwing the girl...or your hand. Most pople will shoot a load faster if they pick up the pace.

Fantasizing...or Imagination. This has to do with how you fantasize having sex with a girl. This can include sexual positions, types of girls, associated/disassociated from the fantasy, etc.
You will be able to visualize yourself in a 1st, 2nd or 3rd person view. 1st person simply means that you are not seeing yourself but you are actually visualizing yourself in the moment, with the are completely associated with the experience. Typically, this will cause you to shoot your load faster. 2nd person mean's that you're visualizing yourself from a spot, maybe a few feet away or visualizing just one body part of the girl (pussy, tit's, ass, etc.). 3rd person simply means that, for example, you see yourself from across the room. I'll note that we will have no need for the 2nd or 3rd person visualization. We will use only the 1st person visualization durring the SMD as well as different sexual positions, types of girls, etc.

Part 4... THE STUD-MAKER-DRILL...Coming up next.
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This is the fucking best shit I have ever read in my life about Pre-Ejaculation, This is going to change my life! Thank you so much!
The time is now...


If you havn't read the previous post's, then go back and read them... it's essential that you understand what you are going to be doing here in a sec....


What you are about to experience is the same type of visualization technique/process that top olympic and professional athlete's use to enhance their performance in their chosen endeavor...and has been proven very succesful!

Now you are going to get some vasoline or other lube that you prefer and get comfortable. You want to put some lube in your hand and relax and close your eyes if your prefer, now lube up your cock. All you're going to do now is fantasize about your dream girl...the one that makes you cream your pants when she brushes up against you...that's a good one.

Start to imagine initiating sex and making your moves. Make sure you go through all the steps that you would go through if you were initiating having sex with someone, especially the first penetration. But, instead of concentrating on getting yourself off, concentrate on rocking this girl's the man she's always dreamed of and take control! Make your-self associated with the fantasy. Actually look down at your cock and see yourself fucking that pussy... Feel her legs wrapped around you and your pelvis's bumping together...Scan your eyes along her body, looking at her pussy getting pounded... move along her stomach and up to her tits... continue to her face and look in her eye's and see her expression of pure extacy. Don't just imagine her pussy or whatever body part turns you on the most... See her like she's actually there. Remember, you want to visualize/fantasize this as close to reality as possible...
Again, this is the same method that top athletes use to enhance their performance in their chosen endeavor...

Your whole goal is to please this girl as much as you can, INSTEAD of concentrating on pleasing yourself. You need to be a man! Do this as long as you can. Really get into pleasure this girl like she's never been pleasured before. If you start to feel like you are going to lose it, loosen your grip and/or slow down the pace until it passes... then you can continue and start to increase or decrease the grip and/or pace, as you feel fit. If you have the self-control to do this, then you will be successful in ingraining this new behavior and continually decreassing you sensitivity to the stimulation.
If you really start to feel like you have to ejaculate and slowing down or loosening the grip doesn't work enough at the time, then flex those PC muscles as tight as you can. After it has passed, continue on with your session and continually adjust the grip and/or pace of the strokes, as you feel fit. After about 30 minutes to an hour of pleasing this simulated/imagined girl, then you can choose to ejaculate while changing your state of mind back to the effect state (start thinking about your pleasure)... BUT, only after about 30-60 minutes of really rocking this girl's world! This is a bonus when you change back into the effect state; you are training yourself to cum on your own cue!

Just a couple of tips: When your're adjusting your stroking pace during the drill, be sure that you are fitting it with the fantasy. So, if you are slowing down the pace, imagine that you are slowing down the pace of the penetrations of the visualized girl. It's also important to fantasize about different sexual positions and to actually penetrate your hand by using hip action during the positions that you are doing the actual fucking, such as the missionary position. Although, if you are fantasizing about a girl on top and riding/fucking you, or giving you a blowjowb or hand job, then you don't have to worry about using the hip movement tip (maybe a little). This is because you would use very little, if any at all, during the actual thing.
Also, it's important to remember to add all senses into the fantasy, like kinosthetic and auditory and not just the visualization. Actually imagine and feel her legs wrapped around you... feel her breasts brushing against you...hear her moans of extacy...look down and see the penetrative action... make the fantasy as real as possible!

The more you perform this drill, the more you will notice that you can use more stimulation (ie. tightness and/or pace) without slipping up. Eventually you will get to the point where you are a master of your own dick and you will have complete contol of your orgasm's. You will be able to last as long as you choose and you will have the ability to cum whenever you choose!

Good Luck...
"I think fantasizing about the woman will make me cum quicker."

If that's truly the case, then just use the principles and reverse it. In other words, fantasize about yourself, until you've pleased the women, and then change your state of mind (concentration) on pleasing the women when you decide to finish... That is, if you have a pre-ejac problem?

Even though doing it this way, I believe isn't the best way to perform for the women and rocking her world... then by just using it as regularly instructed, you should "concentrate" on pleasing the women while decreasing your it already explains. It all depend's on if you care about getting her off or not...wich I believe you do, by what you've stated.

Good Luck
Damn this is awesome stuff Slicedbeef! I am blessed with a big dick but sometimes my stamina sucks. I have always been rather inconsistent. Sometimes I can last an hour straight fucking no problem, other times I put it in and cant go a few minutes. I tried this method yesterday and damn its a workout! I have no doubt that this will work, I tried actually moving around into different positions that I would use in real life to make it more realistic. I think I went about a half hour at most and then couldnt take it anymore lol. A few questions....

When you feel you are gonna cum, is it ok to just stop totally for a minute or better to just loosen the grip and slow down?

How long did it take for you to see improvement?

Damn this is awesome stuff Slicedbeef! I am blessed with a big dick but sometimes my stamina sucks. I have always been rather inconsistent. Sometimes I can last an hour straight fucking no problem, other times I put it in and cant go a few minutes. I tried this method yesterday and damn its a workout! I have no doubt that this will work, I tried actually moving around into different positions that I would use in real life to make it more realistic. I think I went about a half hour at most and then couldnt take it anymore . A few questions....
When you feel you are gonna cum, is it ok to just stop totally for a minute or better to just loosen the grip and slow down?
This is not the "start and stop drill" (edging). It's best to just slow down the pace and/or loosen the grip... and then continue fluctuating the grip/pace as you feel fit.

If you are still having a hard time keeping yourself from ejaculating, then try to start off the session, from the begining, with less grip and pace as usual... and build up as you feel fit.

Also, you DON'T want to start loosening the grip and/or slowing down the pace when you're right on the edge of cumming... you wan't to start decreasing (pace/grip) before-hand, when you sence that you're just about to reach the "edge". If you start to feel like you're about 5-10 (more or less) strokes from ejaculation, then start decreasing the stimulation (pace/grip)...
So, in other word's, don't go to the point of "edging" before you decide to decrease your pace/grip... do it before the point of "edging".

The reason for this is, you don't wan't to train your unconcious to develop the behavior of reaching the "edge", where the next logical step is for you to ejaculate... All you would be doing is training yourself for failure by reaching the "edge"...

Good Luck
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Hey good stuff ;)
I used something like this before, and got to 14 minutes of nonstop thrusting.
But THIS IS BETTER thanks a bunch man


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Hiya guys,

Thought I would introduce myself here as I'm a member here.

Although I 100% agree with the jist of premature ejaculation, and trying to control it, theres another view to look at. Ok when a guy cums he's usually done for a while until he gets it back up, this could be minutes or hours. But, there should not be any need to desensatise, or postpone any pleasure you get.

Curing premature ejaculation by postponing and desensatising is not what I think is the answer, the answer is stopping the refractory period.

There are drugs out there, that seem to be proven in reducing or even stopping the refractory period alltogether, and even increase pleasure.

I have yet to find a place where I can get these drugs from here in the UK. The two drugs are Dostinex and Bromocriptine. They are treatments for Parkinsons desease, but according to what I have read a low daily dose has no bad side effects.

If I had a choice between stopping my pleasure and repeatadly filling up my girl I think I would choose the latter!

If anyone here in the UK has any info on obtaining these drugs at a reasonable price I would be interested. Unfortunatly Dostinex is still patented and only produced by one manufacturer, but Bromocriptine is now made by a number of manufaturers, so will be substantially cheeper.

Just my opinion :)



I was watching the movie PornStar which is a documentary about Ron Jeremy and he says the way he lasts is he dosent look at the girl if he gets too excited and he thinks of really gross things like dead kittens and old people and he says that makes him last as long as he wants to. He says its 99.9% mental. Thats how he can cum on command.

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