E-voting apologists point fingers at open source proponents


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Jun 3, 2003
E-voting apologists point fingers at open source proponents
Computerworld |
"A recent survey by the Arlington, Va.-based Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) showed that 77% of registered voters aren't concerned about the security of e-voting systems, and ITAA President Harris Miller said critics who claim to be concerned about the issue are really pushing a political agenda on behalf of the open-source software community... Avi Rubin, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute, questioned the ITAA's decision to survey average voters about a technical security question. 'Would they ask questions about the safety of a medical procedure of patients or of doctors?' asked Rubin. 'They should ask computer security experts about computer security questions, not end users, who may like the look and feel of the machines but have no way of knowing if they are really secure.'"