Dry Jelq-How to do?


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
Jun 3, 2003
I think it is more effective in some ways...but that was to me, the wet maybe better for you or jack the lad down the road???

Anyways here's the explanation.

To dry jelq simply get a fucking hard erection at say 90/100% [hard as can] than grip at the base as near to pubes as possible...grip tight and in a A-Okay sign....now move this hand sign all the way up the shaft till its right under the head...than alternate with the other hand and do the same.

Keep doing this until you reach the amount you want...say 300 to start with....also you will have to be stimulated to do these as the erection will drop...take viagra or whatever if need be or if ya adventurous try my Constricted Dry jelqs ..they are explained in the main room [genral] in a sticky at the top named ''Erect tunicae work...''

Hope this all makes sense.,
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