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Reading bodybuilder06 post I've found interesting the various answers about girl and methods to drive her crazy. Beyond penis size.

What's your preferred method to drive her crazy? Strange experience?
Hell yea! Good idea for a post. I would like to know some of the tricks of the trade from some of you veterans as well. Everyone knows the basics of oral, usin ur finger, clit play, etc.. Any SPenis EnlargementCIAL Penis EnlargementRSONAL tricks you know of that might be of some help?

Same thing with intercourse, everyone knows the basics, bla bla bla.... Anything special you like to do that increases her pleasure or MAKES HER LOUDER? lol


Some people use to mention the screw technique but I do not know how to perform it :)


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When having sex with a girl stick your dick in only slightly then pull it out. Then the next time insert it a little deeper, but pull out all the way again, and so on and so forth.


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First I like to drink with her a good glass of italian white wine, or to take a shower . These help to lower our inhibitions.

I like to touch her all over her body except for breast or clitoris for awhile. Then I kiss gently around her breast, no nipples yet, continue to circle her breasts with fingertips. I want the control and start to drive her crazy. :eek:
I whisper her what I want to do and other sweet words.

Now she desires I touch her nipples, but I wait, I like to high her desire. When I WANT I touch and lick her nipples and then a thing I found she like a lot: I blow sweetly on her nipples. :baby:

Then I "torture" her also with my penis, I touch gently the lips of her clitoris and then her clit. Here a lot of people also like to eat pussy...

When she ask me to put it in, I wait, he he, then I put jus half an inch, slowly, in and out. I move her so that her head stay towards the bottom, then I keep increasing the amount I put it in.

And then ... :censored:

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