don't give up


Oct 30, 2003
Hey everybody, I guess this is basically for people new to pe that are having a hard time. I've been pe'ing for about 3 months now, not too long but you might expect to see a full inch or so in that time frame as few lucky deticated people do. I just wanted to let anyone whose getting discuraged know that it can take a lot of time to see any results. I just saw my first erect gain last week of 1/8 inches and nothing could make me happier. I know that sounds like nothing but when you've been stretching your dick on a daily routine without any results its amazing! So want I'm trying to say is that if you pe consistantly you'll see gains no matter how long it takes so work hard and be determined.


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Jan 9, 2004
Good to hear that you stuck with it and did not give up. Now that you have gained a little and realize its possible you can step it up and gain even more.


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Nov 25, 2003
Its just like weight lifting, some people get quick gains while others get little. You cant go from a 150lb bench press to a 225lb bench press in 2 weeks, it takes time to build strength. Just like Penis Enlargement it takes time to build a bigger dick. We must stay focused on our goal, you have to put in work to see results and that is with anything in life, once you relize you want something it leaves you with one option, anit nuttin to it but to do it!!!!
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