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Jun 5, 2003
We have now reached 140.00. Our goal is 300.00 for the month.
Please pitch in. Also please make sure you refresh your broweser if you have problems with paypal. It will update with the correct DLD paypal account.
& days till the end of the month. Lets show our appeciation to this forum!
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Greeting All,

For this month donation .We have collected 50.00. this donation has come from only one person. We all need to pull together and keep this forum going. MOS forum is the only pe forum that I know of that takes 100% of the donations and puts them right back into the forum. Don't expect the next guy to donate ,because that next guy might be thinking the same thing. If you have benefited from MOS then show your appreciation.
No donation is too small. We need to meet our goal of 300 just to keep the forum going.
With over 10,000 members strong this should be a piece of cake.

If we can exceed 300.00 it will be put back into the MOS site. DLD has plans to make the forum even better,but we need your support. Some of the things he would like to do is: Custom hacks, and skins for the MOS forum.
Revised, and expanded Gandolf exercise video series with a more user friendly user interface.
If all would just chip in and support this forum. You would believe what DLD could do.
Much Much more.

Imagine 10,000 going right back into making this forum your one and only stop for male life enhancement.

When we fail to support the forum. We hurt ourselves. We endanger a premier forum such as this to be in jeopardy of falling to the wayside. Free forums must be supported by the people who use them.You and Me. For example he sold his computer last month to pay for the upgrades to the new site. Due to this, 100's of members that he responds to on a daily basis , had to accept a bigger delay in answering their messages, and working with them one on one.

If everyone pitched in 12 dollars, 1 dollar a month. we would have the best Penis Enlargement site around!!
I also could retire as treasurer for awhile, at least the fund raising portion.
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