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Jun 16, 2003
No Im not talking about beer (damn thats a long debate). Im talkin about cars.

Now I used to be a huge fan of classic American muscle. I always wanted a big block, 350 cubic inch, V8 monster. Something that really hauls ass.

But alas, I've come to the conclusion that American-made cars are American-made to break. I saw a graph in Consumer Reports and they had a graph of domestic vs. foreign cars, and sadly the American fell way too short of acceptable, for me at least.

The graph showed rate of break down and car repairs as the years go on. The imports line climbed steady and gradual in the whole graph.

The domestics rate started the same as imports but around 100,000 the car takes a dive for the worst. Their line as a bad ass bell curve to it.

So I've decided that imports are probably the best and cheapest on gas and repairs. But what do you think? Imports or Domestic......
Aug 23, 2003
It's really no longer Domestic vs. Import

Japanese cars are made in the United States and Domestic cars are made in China, LOL.

Seriously though, did you know that GM is now using a plant in China to build its 3.1 v6 engines?

Personally, I love a car based on the platform. I dont automatically hate a car because it's made in one place or another(except korean cars, I really hate Kia and Hee-yun-day).

If it's got a car with a powerful motor, longitudinally mounted, and rear wheel drive(or all wheel). It's ok in my book.

The automatically disqualifies about every riceburner out there.


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Jun 18, 2003
Shit, I was hoping you were talking about chicks!!

American craftsmanshit er, I mean ship has fallen steadily over the years. Everything is built to break. If companies made shit that lasted forever (and you know they could) they'd go out of business.

Instead of them trying to make the next shnazzy car of the future, I wish they would just dig up the old models and re-do them only with modern insides and keep the retro look on the outside (I ain't talkin' about the PT Cruiser either...that thing is ugly as fuck). I mean, that seems to be the way they do everything else from music to movies to presidents.... just rehashing old shit because no one has any new ideas anymore.

Cars from the 50's, 60's and 70's had so much more style and personality. If they could make those again only with today's technology inside it, that would be fucking awesome.
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