Does anyone else do this?

Hey guys. I have been doing something and I wondered if anyone else had ever done it/still does it, and if anybody thinks it is even a worthwile thing to do:

When I'm jelqing at about 70% erect. I will hold my grip at the base, so that no blood can leave the penis. I do this with a palm up 'ok' grip. I push up the shaft about an inch or so and get the shaft/glans pretty full. Then I take the palm of my other hand and put it on the glans and roll it (not twist , but make circular motions with my palm). This bends the penis in every direct and in every place along the shaft from the grip to the glans.

I don't know why I started doing this but one night I was jelqing and just did it. I usually do it once per jelq session now just because it feels good. Of course it makes the glans really sensitive, but in a good way, not an 'Ouch' way.

Anyway, I just wondering if anybody else had done this, and if anybody sees any possible girth benefits from this.

Good gains to all,


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Hey man no worries your not alone!... i do it to during intense girth workouts! Although im not sure if it effects the process of the jelq...

DLD any input in this>>???

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Sound similar to the mushrooming exercise. Pretty sure it has the same effect.


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These are TOILET COMPRESSION SQUEEZES and I think they are the best way to create width. I will work these in once a week to help widen my shaft.
Sorry, but they're the 2nd best way to create width.
The best way is to place your 85-90% erect penis onto your desktop, then have a 300-lb+ man stand on it - wearing dress shoes (preferably wing-tipped) - for 3 sets of 20-minute "stands."