Doctors hauled out to defend circumcisions


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Doctors hauled out to defend circumcisions
"Two doctors have admitted carrying out circumcisions on two baby boys without the parents' written consent, the General Medical Council has heard... As the family waited to be seen by the doctor they saw another boy who had just been circumcised return to his family. His body and legs were covered in blood, he was sweating and in a distressed state, Master A's aunt told the hearing. 'He was just crying and crying and just wouldn't stop. He was covered in blood, it got me quite scared,' she said. She told the GMC that she noticed Dr Madhok's hands were also covered in blood and he was not wearing gloves. The doctor handed back the baby to its parents, telling them he was a 'stubborn child who would cause them a lot of problems in the future.' When Aunt A intervened and pointed out he was only a baby, Dr Madhok replied: 'I don't need a lecture from you. I've been doing this for 52 years,' she said."


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