Doctor badly botched two penis enlarging surgeries, suspended for 3 months


Jun 23, 2003
:O By Jane Kirby, PA News

A Harley Street cosmetic surgeon who carried out two botched penis enlargements will not be struck off the medical register following an appeal, the General Medical Council announced today.

Dr Ravi Kant Agarwal, 54, of Stockport, Greater Manchester, will instead be suspended for three months after he admitted behaving in a way that was inappropriate, irresponsible and not in the best interests of two patients.

He was originally found guilty of serious professional misconduct by the GMC last January and was ordered to be struck off.

But last December Dr Agarwal appealed against the decision, before it came into effect, as a result of which the Privy Council dismissed some of the original GMC findings.

But it upheld the essential findings that Dr Agarwal had deliberately misled one patient, Mr A, as to the likely outcome of the procedure and had failed to arrange for adequate anaesthetic back-up during the operation.

In the case of the second patient, Garrie Dunk, of Sheffield, Dr Agarwal had failed to counsel the patient against the need for the operation.

Dr Agarwal had admitted that he had allowed his services to be advertised in a misleading way.

Yesterday, the GMC, sitting in Manchester, set aside the order for erasure and instead suspended the doctor for three months.

It said it noted that the doctor no longer performed penoplasty operations and had no intention of performing them again.

Last January, the original GMC hearing was told how Mr A was left with a penis shorter than it was before.

On May 8, 1997, the 47-year-old underwent the procedure, for which it was claimed that the length of the male organ was increased by dividing the suspensory ligament to make the penis hang lower.

The doctor said the girth was also increased by injecting fat taken from areas such as the stomach and thighs into the shaft of the penis.

Mr A told the hearing that he passed out with shock after seeing his penis following the operation in Manchester. He said it was black, shorter and deformed. “I was in severe pain,” he added.

Mr Dunk told the GMC he went to have his penis enlarged at a clinic in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, to help his career as a male stripper. After the operation he said he could not go to the toilet for two days, adding: “There was tremendous swelling for about six or seven weeks.“

He claimed that his marriage failed due to the operation, and told the hearing that he had returned four or five times to see Dr Agarwal for more fat to be put into the penis.

The GMC was told that both men may have been suffering from a condition that made them believe they had small genitals. The condition, a type of body dysmorphia, gives men the impression that their penis is smaller than it really is, but both men were normal size.

The original GMC hearing also considered the adverts regarding Dr Agarwal’s work, in which he was described as having “unrivalled experience” in carrying out the “unique and exclusive” operation.

It claimed to increase the length of the penis by one to three inches and the girth by between 30% and 90%.
Nov 18, 2003
this is exctly what the fuck i was talking about in my post in my progress log...i can not let a doctor fuck with my package for fear of deforming me forever...with a little hard work and dedication you can do it the old fashion way...fucking doctors


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Aug 17, 2008
In May 2007 I was butchered by a doc in Cal. during penile surgery. While attempting to cut my suspensory ligament during the first part of the surgery this doctor also cut my dorsal vein my nerves and my urethra tube. I ended up in hemorraghic shock in an E.R. where my penis almost had to be amputated. I spent the next year having to wear a supra pubic catheter in my bladder below my stomach where my pea drained into a bag. I had to have several surgeries to repair my urethra just so I could pea normal again. This doctor left me impotent and with huge medical bills since I had no health insurance. I have been trying injections in my penis to get an erection but that only works 70% at best. I'm also trying to find the identity of another patient the doctor was operating on at the same time as my surgery. His name was "Tony", 6 ft tall or so, black hair, hispanic lookin. He was there for his second augmentation surgery. If anyone out there would by any wild chance happen to know a Tony who had this surgery May 18 2007 in Huntington Beach, CA. I have had some leads on this guy but have to be certain.