Do you think the TCS helps more erect or flaccid gains


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It does both....and very well too.
You will see the flaccid results before the erect..and man they are good, even girth ''flaccid'' but erect is just as good...the length takes the longest...but with time and patience these will be world beaters IMHO when fully engorged like I endorse the blood has nowhere to go but expand the chambers..more elongated = a longer thicker cock.

It works....lets see if those belivers chime in here.


I think I understand it. I'll try it too....


These are a really great exercise, I only wish I had more time incorporating them into my routine. I can definately see how they would help erect gains especially as you are expanding your penis beyond it's normal erect capacity. Red your really onto a winner here!


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So what that is is just stretching straight upwards while having a clamp on your base with an erection?

If so, then I've been doing them. I think they're good.

The only thing... if you pull on your cock while clamped, wouldn't it cause the blood to flow out of the shaft because you're in essence making your cock thinner by stretching it out, so unless you tightened your grip or your tourniquet, wouldn't the blood escape? Do you think it would also contribute to the "baseball bat" effect?

It's a lot easier to do erect work "clamped". And I've been doing regular bends and DLD bends during my workouts and all I can say is ....DAMN! My dick gets thicker right before my eyes. This shit works.

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