Do not Envy Lexington Steele.


Sep 27, 2003
For those of you guys that are 7, 8, inches long - he's only about 1-2 inches longer than you.

Steele is known for being extremely well-endowed. It is said (by Lexington and his agent) that his penis is 11 inch (27.94 cm) long, but Lex Caliber - a sex toy actually molded from Steele's penis - measures 9.25 in (23.5 cm) from the tip of the urethra to the bottom of the base (11 in or 28 cm including the vibrating part on the Vibrating Lex Caliber). Sex toys molded after porn stars are usually inflated to larger than life proportions.

Source: Lexington Steele - Wikipedia



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Oct 2, 2005
prince Albert said:
His length with shane desels girth would be something to envy.
Shane's dick as is, is something to envy. He has one mean looking dick. I don't like lex's, shane's girth rocks, and I think the reaction he gets from the girls when they see his cock is the biggest compliment you could ever get in regards to your penis.:s :s
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