Do HGH pills actually work??

All the one's available now that are suppliment's are not very good...although some do increase GH level's, they are not as good as the real GH or IGF-1/LR3

Their should be a new GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) pharmaceutical coming soon... and it's suppose to be better than GH because it work's with your body so that you don't have to take insulin, T3, etc. to "boost" the effect's, for the younger guy's/gal's that take it.


I was just going to ask about those type of supplements "bodybuilder".

1. You can inject yourself with HGH/ IGF-1/LR3.
2. You can take HGH supplements that you either take orally, or sprays, creams, patches.
3. You can take supplements that encourage the body to produce it's own HGH.

That's what I'd like to know.
How effective would it be to do heavy compound exercises like benches and squats, coupled with taking one of the supplements that encourage the body to produce it's own HGH naturally.
Maybe that way wouldn't be as effective as taking the injections, but would it be a lot more effective than other methods?
Creams and injections I would not try. Just to expensive and you don,t know the implications that could happen.
I would try the three amino acids I mentioned. Doing squats and benches will increase the release of gh hormone so you could take the three aminos during that time. Although you could take them just before during sleep when gh is at its peak. Try ginseng and muira puama , saw palmetto they naturally increase testosterone without the implications of mpb and can help with hair growth and muscle tone, which may enhance the effects of what the amino acids have on gh


Thanks bodybuilder.
No, I don't intend to take creams/sprays/patches due to what I've heard about them being useless. Injections just aren't an option,..that's why I'm more interested in supplements that encourage the body to create it's own HGH naturally.

I'm not actually asking about increasing testosterone specifically,..I'm more interested in what the original poster asked about raising HGH itself.
I'm reading so many good things about HGH on the web, and want to see what ways, if any, can help it be released.
I'm already taking Arginine, and I'll take your suggestion and get some Glutamine. I already read that Glutamine helped release HGH, but even if it's effects are minimal, it's still going to be useful toward the bodybuilding.

I'm reading about how HGH and the anti-aging properties it's claimed to have.
I've read that it may help hormone levels to be that of a younger person. If that's true then maybe the body is in a better state for the penis to respond to stimulation and grow.

I read the post by Supra about the positive effects from his IGF-1 injections. Those effects are also exactly what you are supposed to get if you have HGH.
It's not just the Penis Enlargement that makes me interested in HGH, it's the other stuff too like improving skin texture etc.
HGH and IGF-1 are very closely related aren't they?

I suppose I also need to ask, you need to have a constant, steady supply of HGH for it to have the best effect? I know that HGH does most of it's work in the first 3 or 4 hours of sleep, but does your body need to be producing it constantly throughout the day.
E.G. doing something like squats would make HGH peak,..but would a teenager who is going through puberty, have a naturally, constant supply of HGH?


fucking around with HGH without knowing proper dosage is dangerous!
Especially if you are not working out like crazy!


I really would like Stallone to share his dosage so we know from guys who really do this regularly and admit it, and their age is a factor!

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