Anyway I can contact you on AIM. I used to talk to Supra alot on AIM but I just dont see um around no more. Besides, he lives close to me anyway so no need to.




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I try to get on AIM as much as I can but I have so many emails and phone consultations that it becomes difficult. After dealing with the guys I work one on one with my priority is to answer all the forum posts. Sundays are usually a good time to get me (after 9:00 pm eastern) as this is the slowest time for me. I would stay on AIM all the time but I don't like to help some one half way then have to run and this is always the case.


Not to worry, I'm on AIM 24-7 What's the user name to contact you.
No, supra wanted to meet me to show him clubs and stuff around the Island. I saw him in the back seat driving past. I've bothered Supra so much on AIM he doesnt answer any questions anymore. But I dont intend to bother you so much DLD. Just wanted to quickly talk about my simple schedule, my on off days etc. Try to fix it if need to and was gonna keep track with you whats going on etc. if that's ok.


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I'd like to hang with Supra myself someday. Seems like a cool guy, as do most all the regulars here. This is a hell of a group here at MOS, IMHO.


I'd party wit him but just the fact that hes like uh, well hung, I couldnt deal with that. My whole night would be, damn lucky ass I cant wait till I'm big too.

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