DLD you need large pumps at your store!



Stopped an Adult Book to visit a friend last nigh who works there. No, we don't talk about porn... We chat about aliens and stuff... Okay...

Anyrate, saw a cheap bulb style pump for $14.00, it for an 8 in pump length ... Figured, it wasn't much and maybe I could at least enjoy night of pumping ...

Duh... Maxed the top of the cylinder with the first couple squeezes of the bulb... Then later filled out the sides as best I could, however not enough room inside the cylinder for a decent vacuum ...

Tonight, I noticed DLD's online store ... Visited the male toys... Most of the cylinders are too small!

Stopped by the store again tonight... Yeah, I know it's terrible problem when you cannot buy a pump at a local adult bookstore because they're all too small...

Tossed out that cheap pump , oh well...


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Dec 5, 2003
I dont know if he is a beliver in Pumping that would kinda go against his pay site I would think.



Sorry, the comment about DLD's on-line store and pumps... It was meant to humorous...

There are pumps for sale at the on-line store , however most are the same style / model as in most adult bookstores.

I recall a time, when those style pumps were large enough for decent pump session, however now that it's larger those cheaper pumps are simply not long enough... And that was suppose to be the humor part of the comment...

No insult of DLD's on-line store was intended.

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