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Jun 18, 2003
Hey man,

Maybe I shoulda just PM'd this, but I wanted to ask you...

What was your routine going into your second year of Penis Enlargement?

Like, what I'm getting at is, the excercises you do now are what you do now, you know? What were you doing back then that got you to where you are now? Is it the same stuff?

It's just that you've gotten such great results that I want to trace your steps, know what I mean?



Oct 31, 2003
Before DLD answers,
I have a question for you. And by reading your answers, I know that it will be redundant. When you were in grade school.... as your vocabulary got better did you refine your speech...ofcourse you did... its all about finding what works for you!!! DLD has his findings, Supra has his and SWM has his and they're all different. Find your LOT and yes it I know is not that easy
(FIND OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU) just like the rest of us CUZ we are all different. And apply the principles that DLD< REDzulu and the rest teach. We all want the simple stuff but, don't forget we all respond differently. SO, we have to deal accordingly. Not giving you a hard time at all just giving you the observations I had before. t/c shojii
Nov 16, 2003
Excellent point, Shojii! Nobody's dick, brain, and goals are exactly like anybody else's. We all respond differently to different exercises. Some that work for DLD will not work as well for others. One of the keys is to always be flexible. Take the time to examine the wealth of information you find on the forum and elsewhere (don't forget MOS pay site) and come up with a work-out plan that is uniquely yours.


Nov 4, 2003
the saying "we learn from our mistakes" me like alot because we won't for example take caution until we brake something :s or am I just way off topic here? LMAO


Jun 3, 2003
The most accurate record of my routine evolution is the MoS site. When I was creating the 3 initial phases I was making direct reference to my own program. For example, when I started what is now PHASE 2 I had hit a plateau and I knew I needed to do something new. This was around the time I developed DLD Blasters which really jump started my length gains again. This was the routine I did in my second year. At one pint during my PHASE 2 type routine I wanted to gain more girth and that routine was the stepping stone for PHASE 3. This year I experienced other plateaus and I needed to overhaul my routine once again, hence PHASE 4. I keep very accurate notes of my routines, exercise development, gains and member gains to use as data to create subsequent phases.

Many people think everyones body is different and each individual responds differently to exercise. I really do not believe this too much. I think the penis is a penis...plain and simple. There may be some slight differences in skin, tissue, blood flow, etc. but all and all the penis can be enlarged if these techniques are applied and the user truly believes in his success. So many newcomers think that there is a huge secret in Penis Enlargement that some of us know and some of us don't. This is not true....This shit works if you stay involved, believe and have a solid routine layout. It may seem magical because it is the most valuable body part to a man but men have been enlarging body parts for many years through similar techniques with NO DIS-BELIEF. Look at todays modern society and how so many people are now enlarging their eye lobes to hold larger gage earing's...is this so hard to believe? What about all those pictures we saw as kids in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC? Remember the lips and necks? Freaky..Yes...but we never doubted the reality of it. The penis is just another soft tissue body part that can be easily enlarged. Fuck, it's main purpose is to enlarge. I think we let our minds hinder our gains if we think too much.

I believe 100% in my program and techniques no matter who it is. If it is not working for you I am always here to help you determine why and what needs to be done to fix the problem.
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