DLD and other MOD's gotta a quick ques


Can someone provide me a detailed description of the DLD bends and Uli's? Please:)

Thanks very much for ya peoples cooperation


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Originally posted by 4governa
i found them. However, with the uli's how long do you hold the squeezes for?
I superset these into my Jelq sessions. When I am doing wet jelqs I like to hold a squeeze or bend for 30 seconds. If I am dry jelqing I go longer, maybe 60 seconds. The most important thing for me is to get really good presure and focus on getting the most out of the exercise.


let me get this straight, u dont squezze 5 times for 30 sec each? Because i thought u had to squezze 5 times 30 sec each. Are u saying to only squeze once for 30 sec or 60 sec?


maybe this is a different routine, 4governa.

superset example:

one set =

100 jelqs
30 second dld bend
20 second modified horse

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