Diversity Training in the US


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Feb 5, 2004
It amazes me who can become a nationally renowned expert in the field of politically correct multiculturalism. Among the most celebrated of these flimflam men is Psychiatrist Dr. Edwin J. Nichols. At a diversity seminar at the U. of Cincinnati, Dr. Nichols broke onto the national scene by berating a female professor to tears solely because she was white and attractive. He preaches a wacky ideology called “axiology.” Some of the tenets of this pseudo-science include:

· The way races behave is determined by genetics.
· White peoples brains were permanently altered by the Ice Age.
· Blacks don’t care about showing up on time, while whites obsess about it. (He obviously never dated a white woman.)
· Whites place more value on objects than people. Non-whites place little value on material things. (He has never seen MTV Cribs.)
· Whites are logical; blacks are intuitive.

“Axiology” has no scientific backing and is just a euphemism for eugenics. I would like to write off these ramblings as those of an unbalanced nutcase who makes David Duke seem cogent. But our government, universities and leaders of industry seems to agree with this mountebank. I guess I can't think clearly because of the Ice Age.

It is interesting to see who has hired Nichols to teach his unique brand of racial awareness. His clients include (this list is nowhere near complete):

· Countless universities
· Numerous Fortune 500 companies
· Six cabinet departments in the Clinton Administration
· Three branches of the armed services
· Federal Reserve Bank
· Los Alamos National Laboratory
· F.A.A.
· I.R.S.
· F.B.I.
· Naval Air Warfare Center
· Los Alamos National Laboratory
· Nuclear Regulatory Commission
· Social Security Administration

If this is the kind of tolerance our government and schools are pushing, I’m moving to Tierra del Feugo.


Sep 21, 2003
It amazes me how such important groups buy into some guys ignorant ideologies that have nothing to back them up. He makes his statement on a very small section of people and assumes all the rest of them will follow those guidlines.

I feel sorry for him I really do.